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The Queen is Dead -words fail.

Goodnight sweet queen and flights of angels see thee to thy rest. pic.twitter.com/fOI4cLNEhF — Henry Tapper (@henryhtapper) September 8, 2022 It has been ten hours since the BBC interrupted programs to announce the death of Elizabeth II. I am sitting … Continue reading

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IFAs looking for alternatives to drawdown

I’ve been following a debate on twitter which includes several friends. Following rather than participating as I suspect I would express myself too vehemently and spoil the delicate balance that has been maintained between skepticism and endorsement of a third … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann on Pension Stripping (and much more)

I have resisted commenting so far, but feel that, having been at the helm of the ‘Stripped of our Pensions’ campaign to get Government to compensate people who lost their entire pension after a lifetime of contributions and successive official … Continue reading

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The PPF could grow up a (C)DC lifeboat

One of the enduring features of the last ten years is Andy Young texting me “this is all getting too much, I think I’m going to retire”. Among the many things that Andy has created – he is a great … Continue reading

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Forever Young – final 3 – thanks for voting “Andy”!

Andy Young has done more than anyone else alive to better pensions in the UK. He deserves a lifetime achievement award for his work – so vote for him! Continue reading

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Andy Young OBE

Andy Young – an outstanding actuary! One of the less sung OBE’s awarded in this year’s honours was to Andrew Young. Andrew is a friend of mine and a friend to this blog. I am not sure that is this … Continue reading

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For 2016 – A desideratum (from my friend)

I don’t know why my friend wishes to remain anonymous. Maybe because he is too close to the action- perhaps because he knows too much. I know him to be independent of financial services providers and – as a pensioner … Continue reading

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Keeping pensions “in balance”.

Occasionally an article I publish on here hits a raw nerve and a missive is sent to someone at my company naming me and trying to shame me. Thankfully, my company is familiar with how social media and accepts that staff  who care, have … Continue reading

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Freddy Flumper gets savvy!

  It’s been some days since I’ve reported on the fabulous Freddy Flumper -“fabulous” in the sense that he lives only in the fable on this blog. For anyone who missed the instructive fable of Freddy and Tony Lamborghini , we … Continue reading

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Andrew Young – 65 not out – a pensions legend!

  Andrew Young is the Pension Regulator’s Strategy Director, he is the go to guy in UK pensions if you want to understand the implications of Government Policy. He has been a mentor to me since I first met him … Continue reading

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