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A DB funding code – but not as we knew it

  Professional Pensions has secured a scoop from TPR policy head, David Fairs admission that the DB funding code he launched in 2019 is practically dead in the water. Not being at the event, I am going on PP’s report … Continue reading

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Fair’s fair, will employers share their good news on DB with staff?

There’s more to this question than meets the eye. DB in run-off is likely to become less expensive to sponsors as inflation and interest rates increase. This should feed through to lower funding which might feed through into more equitable … Continue reading

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Truell give pensions good tidings of comfort and joy.

  In a tour de force at yesterday’s conference on pension scheme “endgame, middle-game and long-game“,  Edi Truell vowed to open his Pension Superfund to savers wanting to convert thier pots to pensions. Truell is planning, once his Superfund is … Continue reading

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The prospect of fair, sufficient and sustainable pensions; miracle or mirage?

In a very short time , Pension PlayPen’s coffee mornings have achieved a regular following of 100 or so pension professionals, keen to hear and share views on critical pension issues. Steve Goddard has assembled a group of Pension All … Continue reading

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Get up to speed with two free webinars on CDC

I would like to draw your attention to two free webinar events on CDC both involving my friend and mentor Con Keating. The first is part of the Z-Yen series and features Con, and will be chaired by Professor Michael … Continue reading

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Private markets – pension’s friend or foe?

Two articles appeared in the FT over the bank holiday weekend that show just how fractured pension investment strategy over private markets is becoming.   In the one, David Fairs, the Pension Regulator’s policy Director expresses concern that small defined … Continue reading

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There is more rejoicing in Brighton….

My spy at the PMI passes me a copy of this month’s Pension Aspect with the finger pointed at this article by David Fairs. Those versed in current a- Fairs , will have noticed a relaxation in the Regulator’s tone … Continue reading

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Managing and measuring DB schemes (Keating, Tilba and Clacher)

With the intention of keeping the Pension Regulator focused, Keating and Clacher have recruited Dr Anna Tilba of Durham University to their ranks.  A powerful triumvirate of pension intellectuals whose latest  blog is an antidote to the toxicity of pseudo … Continue reading

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The Regulator’s not for turning; in conversation with David Fairs,

  David Fairs and I were born within a couple of months and have both spent our careers in pensions. We enjoy each other’s company so when David suggested that we spent the last 90 minutes of the business week … Continue reading

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Have DB pensions dodged the Beeching bullet?

When the Pensions Regulator launched its DB funding consultation earlier in the year, I thought it a “slam dunk”.  Back then it was already clear the world was in the grip of a pandemic and the paper presaged what was … Continue reading

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