David Fairs will be missed

David Fairs has announced he is leaving his role as policy director at the Pensions Regulator.He will be leaving in March, which is a pretty short run off for such a senior post and he is leaving before the delivery of the Pension Regulator’s great albatross, the DB funding code, which should have been in place for some time but is currently scheduled for the end of the year.


This photo is taken when David was announcing the first version of the DB funding code at a First Actuarial Client Conference in 2019.  He was delivering a message that the audience definitely didn’t want to hear, I remember him answering each question from the floor with the same genuine enthusiasm and good humour.

I guess that after getting on for four years fitting square pegs into round holes, that smile has worn a little thin.

Whatever the reason for David’s departure, I wish him well. He is still in the early years of his maturity and has another career in him , if he chooses to follow it.

He has also a career behind him which should allow him to use his savings to ensure life when he enjoys his retirement.


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