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Is there space for “financial inclusion” in the rush for growth?

Although Alex Burghart has been answering parliamentary question on pensions, he is not yet the pensions minister and there seems to be some hesitancy at the DWP about who is taking what responsibilities. Your source’s tip is consistent with Alex … Continue reading

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Moments of sadness – not madness

A mature man has been found watching porn while waiting to vote in the chamber of the house of Commons. It turns out he was spotted doing it again in another part of parliament. The man is resigning , rather … Continue reading

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Please vote – out of respect.

If you read no other article this weekend, read this by the Fleet Street Fox. It says what I was trying to say in an amateurish way yesterday, it talks of Jo Cox’s death as a wake-up call to those of … Continue reading

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Jo Cox is dead – she has not died for nothing

Jo Cox is dead, almost certainly killed by a right wing extremist who shouted “Put Britain First” as he killed her. Andrew Michell MP described her as a “five foot bundle of Yorkshire grit and determination absolutely committed to helping other … Continue reading

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