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Neil Bull from TPR on the DB Funding Code – unmissable PlayPen event


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DWP funding regs. suffer from “recency-bias” – Keating and Clacher

This is the fifth in our series of blogs addressing the questions posed in the DWP’s Funding Regulations consultation.  Links to the previous blogs are provided at the end of this blog. We follow the same conventions as in previous … Continue reading

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Cumbo calls into question pension transparency.

Case study – the pertinent question on DB funding. For this story, I spoke to an 86yr-old who worries everyday about how his wife, 9 yrs younger, will cope financially if he dies before her. He receives NO inflation rises … Continue reading

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A DB funding code – but not as we knew it

  Professional Pensions has secured a scoop from TPR policy head, David Fairs admission that the DB funding code he launched in 2019 is practically dead in the water. Not being at the event, I am going on PP’s report … Continue reading

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Buzzing for the DB funding code?

Views of the proposed DB Funding Code from Con Keating In their weekly Pensions Buzz survey, Professional Pensions posed the following question: “Is TPR’s approach to the new DB funding code the correct one in your view?” There were 100 respondents … Continue reading

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Codes and the Interim Consultation Response – Con Keating watches them spinning out of Control

Very early in my career, in order to learn to understand and speak Japanese, it was necessary to comprehend the circumlocutions and etiquette of that culture. ‘Yes, but….’ means ‘NO!’ was an early revelation.  Responses to regulatory consultations similarly have … Continue reading

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Are John and Norma right – are we facing the end of mass-retirement?

@JosephineCumbo could you pls explain why “open” DB schemes are less risky than closed schemes, and should therefore be subject to weaker funding requirements? “Josephine Cumbo: Open and closed case @@corpadviser https://t.co/u3loRiZxB6 — John Ralfe (@JohnRalfe1) October 30, 2020 The … Continue reading

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With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? The DB Funding Code: An Existential Threat to Open DB Scheme

  We have been asked what impact the Funding Code would have on open schemes by a number of correspondents.  This blog illustrates why the new funding code is the  biggest risk that open scheme members face . Simply put, … Continue reading

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Association of Pension Lawyers dubious about tPR’s DB funding code

      Editor’s note Apologies to the APL and to readers for the poor reproduction of Rosalind Connor’s letter. This is due to the shortcomings of my PDF reading rather than a failure of the APL to correctly format … Continue reading

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Seven ways to improve Defined Benefit funding

In March 2020, The Pensions Regulator (TPR) opened a consultation on its proposed revisions to the DB funding code. In framing its response, First Actuarial proposes seven ways to change DB funding for the better. What do we want the … Continue reading

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