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LDI – where next?

  The debate on the future of LDI can be polarised by comments of two highly respected figures who have been active in the bond market for decades. Dawid Konotey-Ahulu said to the FT that there was “no doubt” schemes … Continue reading

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“If everything’s a scam, nothing’s a scam”

We’ve only had issue with XPS so far. If industry thinks a US equity tracker is “Amber” then this deranged and unworkable. If everything is highlighted as a potential scam then nothing is highlighted as a scam! — Alistair Cunningham … Continue reading

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Employers should refer staff who can’t afford their pension to MoneyHelper

Contrary to the messaging from those who have postponed the attention to pension plan and cancelled a Nest Insight seminar, the issues surrounding our day to day finances are not put on hold till we have mourned the queen. Yesterday … Continue reading

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“No better time to extend auto-enrolment than now”. Webb hits out at Treasury as “blockers”

It was good to see Steve Webb back in parliament, if only for the Work and Pensions Committee’s discussion yesterday morning  questioning key players past and future Witnesses Panel 1 Sir Steve Webb Baroness Jeannie Drake Baroness Ros Altmann Panel … Continue reading

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Charles Counsell hands on the poisoned chalice

It’s been a year since TPR appointed Sarah Smart as Chair and her anniversary is marked by news that Charles Counsell will not be seeking a second four year term as CEO. Sarah Smart brought youth and feminity to a … Continue reading

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“They’ve got Charles Counsell – he’s one of their own”

  As a kid I always preferred home-grown, beat the expensive imported stuff.  So it seems does the Pensions Regulator – who’ve eschewed the great and the good and gone for one of their own. Those of us who have … Continue reading

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“Best of TPAS-Best of MAS”; here’s your starter for 10!

Best of TPAS – best of MAS It’s good to hear that people with money problems will now get a “best of MAS/best of TPAS” service, ( what this press release is alluding to).   The Money Advice Service (MAS) and … Continue reading

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The Regulator makes it easier for micro-employers to auto-enrol

Charles Counsell spoke at the Regulator’s provider conference on Tuesday (30th June).  These are my notes of what he said and there may be some minor inconsistencies. I hope to post a slide-share link to his slides when they are … Continue reading

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