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Has HMRC solved the off-payroll AE puzzle?

  One of the big auto-enrolment issues for employers is deciding who it is that works for them (and who is just an occasional contractor). The issue is generally put in the too-hard box – a dangerous thing to do … Continue reading

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Which would you rather live in- a house or a car?

  I’m fond of our current pension minister; he makes me laugh! He does a good impression of the “pension’s idiot” and enjoys being thought rather less on the ball than he actually is.   But scratch the surface and … Continue reading

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Small employers need a voice in the AE review

Yesterday I reported on the male hegemony of the three chairs of the advisory groups for the Automatic Review. There is a little diversity in the composition of the rest of the group. It’s comforting to see familiar names who … Continue reading

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Pensions and the “Olympic bounce”.

Remember what it was like in the first half of 2012 – Britain was fed up and just as “austerity” was biting, we had the Olympics! We couldn’t afford it, it was a pre financial crisis, it would be disruptive, … Continue reading

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Never mind the quality, feel the width- AE review to nudge coverage not contributions!

Summary The Government has set out it’s stall for next year’s AE review. To the disappointment of providers, an increase in contributions is not on the agenda. But the breadth of coverage of AE is – including consideration of the … Continue reading

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How contagious will the Uber-ruling be?

The complicit agreement between those who work in the “gig-economy” not to work for those who run the gig-economy has succeeded for much longer than Uber and Deliveroo. The same arguments were being had about the status of self-employed insurance … Continue reading

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AE – State of the Nation – thoughts from Accountex

  Two days conducting over 300 conversations with accountants , payroll experts and a pension providers has put me in reflexive (and recumbent!) mood!. I may only have spoken to 1 in 10 of the people who passed the Pension … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann’s got her mojo working!

This article is best read to the sound of Muddy Waters 1966 version of “I got my mojo working”, if you aren’t in the quiet carriage, click on the video at the bottom and enjoy your next three minutes. Many … Continue reading

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L&G gets tough on #AE

L&G changes its AE distribution strategy Legal and General have consistently been an iconoclastic force in auto-enrolment; I would argue a “Force for Good”, not afraid to stick their necks out and take risk where others have waivered. Within the past … Continue reading

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Half-term report for AE – an excellent start – keep it up!

  The press is not full of the NAO’s report on auto-enrolment, why should it be? There is no story other than the good news that auto-enrolment is working as predicted by the DWP. Why the document is important is … Continue reading

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