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BREAKING; 35% of employers see pension pausing increase

The CIPP’s quick poll on employee’s “pausing” contributions to workplace pensions,  closed yesterday. For the first time , there is evidence of large scale pausing by employees who can’t afford their pensions. The CIPP report 410 employers participating, describing engagement … Continue reading

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Auto Enrolment 2.0 – anything new?

At the launch of the Resolution Foundation’s Retirement Living Standards, Pensions Minister Guy Opperman laid out some plans for what he’s calling Auto-enrolment 2.0. This blog asks whether 2.0 is just more of the same or a genuine upgrade. It’s … Continue reading

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TISA’s plans for low paid AE opt outs are a disgrace

About a year ago the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (Tisa) asked its members to vote for a name change to The Investing and Saving Alliance. This meant it kept the Tisa acronym even though the underlying name changed. TISA hopes it … Continue reading

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IFS says low-earners should quit saving for retirement.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has called into question the wisdom of many poor earners paying into workplace pensions under auto-enrolment. It is not clear why the small number of people who would probably be better off not sticking with … Continue reading

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“The way we were” – DWP AE Evaluation

In normal times, the publication of a major Government review of auto-enrolment would be newsworthy. Apart from a series of mentions by Jo Cumbo, I have seen no publicity for it – from the DWP or their press office or … Continue reading

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For everyone’s sake – let’s sort pension savings incentives this budget.

    Diversity is about including and it’s so important to pensions that we now have a minister of pensions and financial inclusion. A big part of the minister’s job is to create diversity – including not just men and … Continue reading

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How payroll won friends and influenced Government

  This is national payroll week so I’m blogging an article I wrote earlier in the summer for Reward Strategy Magazine. Since the end of the auto-enrolment staging period, I have had less day to day interaction with payroll people, … Continue reading

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“Your pay-rise is a pension rise”

  I often “wake up to money” but not to this! In a discussion about when we last got a pay-rise, one listener mailed in that her boss told her “your pay-rise is a pension rise” It’s the first time … Continue reading

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Will “DC deficits” become a thing of the past?

News of HMRC’s “change of position” with regards the “net-pay- anomaly” is welcome, and long overdue. It came in the form of a letter sent in response to a request from respected journalist Jo Cumbo of the FT. Govt to … Continue reading

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Play “Stick or twist” in the workplace pension lottery!

  If you changed jobs, would you prefer to stick with your current workplace pension or join your new employer’s scheme (leaving a little pot behind you)? It’s a tough choice, and the more you think about it, the tougher … Continue reading

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