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Dear Asset Manager…

Dear asset manager I’ve been noticing how much you’ve wanted to manage DC assets so I thought you might like to have a chat about strategy. I think you’ve been looking at your marketing strategy through the wrong lens or … Continue reading

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Why we were right to say “no” to Syrian intervention

This article is by Ian Shilling and it can also be found at!/2013/08/action-in-syria-what-would-it-achieve.html ; I blog it because within it are contrarian views that are not being aired on the radio or TV or in our national papers. When … Continue reading

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Why HMRC is right on peer to peer lending (and Polonius got what he deserved)

Dan Hyde writes in the Telegraph that HMRC are considering allowing peer group lending as a legitimate investment for an ISA. Peer Group lending is the Betfair of debt. You lend your money through a portal such as ZOPA who … Continue reading

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