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WONGA – The context of the decision

  The decision of the FCA to enforce a section 166 order on Wonga demonstrates a new intent to get to grips with bad behaviour in the financial community which has got to be good news for us in pensions. … Continue reading

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Why HMRC is right on peer to peer lending (and Polonius got what he deserved)

Dan Hyde writes in the Telegraph that HMRC are considering allowing peer group lending as a legitimate investment for an ISA. Peer Group lending is the Betfair of debt. You lend your money through a portal such as ZOPA who … Continue reading

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Paying as you earn; the best way to save

Monday will see the start of the benefits changes that will climax in the full introduction of the Universal Credit in a year’s time. This is not an article about these changes. But it takes it kicks off from a brilliant … Continue reading

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Can pensions help you when you’re broke?

When I was a financial adviser, I often hear people say that they couldn’t afford to save into a pension. When I probed, this objection often boiled down to  a fear that “tying up money” left people scared that in … Continue reading

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