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Twickenham stinks

Rugby union is not rubbish but it’s rubbish at Twickenham at the moment. Continue reading

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Facebook for homework

This is not a cutesypie post about how wonderful kids are- it’s another example of how a new generation of young adults are organisisng their lives to reduce stress and have fun.
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Enhanced transfer values-is there a middle way?

There’s a lot of talk about “risk sharing” between employers and members of DB pension schemes. “Risk sharing” has become a euphemism for booting members out of the pension scheme- a middle way is needed. Continue reading

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Join us for a weekend in the Cotswolds (March19th-21st)

March 19th to March 21st. A brilliant weekend at a brilliant place. Continue reading

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DC pricing- the fund manager’s dilemma

And some insurance companies woke up to price constraints and the stupid ones soldiered on till they became extinct Continue reading

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Who says modern life is rubbish? Ne-Yo at the Apollo

I’m proud and happy for London and pleased that kids can I enjoy a night out without fear and violence. Continue reading

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You don’t always know what you’ve got till it’s gone

So I’m 48, 15 months older and I’d be able to buy an annuity-but they’ve paved paradise and I’ll have to wait till 2016 which sucks Continue reading

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