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This is not a cutesy post about how wonderful kids are- it’s another example of how a new generation of young adults are organising their lives to reduce stress and have fun.

Weekend homework is a fact of life for 12 year olds and sometimes they can get hung up on what they can do. This morning the instructions for my kid weren’t clear. His solution was elegant. He posted a question on his Facebook page which got his classmates conferring. Within an hour they had reached a consensus position and agreed an approach that they could present to their teacher the following day. No need to worry, the kids could move on and complete the rest of the work, mollify parents and get on with the rest of the weekend.

For this kind of thing to work, kids need to have the technology- my kid now sees an i-phone as an essential part of daily living and he earns the £30 per month to keep him on-line by hustling for work at the local rugby clubs as a ball boy (£10 a match).

All of his schoolmates seem to have adopted the same position and his class , football and rugby teams use Facebook as a matter of course. They have adopted Facebook without fuss, without parental guidance and without financial support.

I sometimes ask him to show me what’s going on on his page so I can pick up some hints. He’s still at the stage where he’s nothing to hide  and he’s willing to help.

Interestingly, he doesn’t see twitter as much use – Facebook does nicely right now.

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