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More argy-bargy in pension’s tax-trenches

  Blessed are the peacemakers, until they wade into a debate on tax-relief. The saintly Darren Philp , maybe picking up from comments from ex DWP govt actuary Andy Young, tried to change the debate. To summarise his argument, he … Continue reading

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Why delays in dashboard delivery hit the worst-off hardest

  This blog looks at how the information from the pensions dashboard could help those on low incomes with low savings and it focusses not on how they save, but how they spend their savings. I had hoped , following … Continue reading

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Pension transfers- actuaries have nothing to crow about.

I am cross that an established firm of actuaries get on the front page of the FT for kicking IFAs for their advice on pension transfers Mark van den Berghen, principal and senior consulting actuary at Buck, a consulting firm … Continue reading

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90 years of experience on pension taxation.

    Terence O’Halloran and Eleanor Downie have provided a response to my blog proposing a radical solution to the problems we all find with the current system of pension tax relief. Unfortunately WordPress spammed the comment and it only … Continue reading

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Will IGC’s be stung into action by the Bee?

  I’m pleased to see that research conducted by PensionBee,  has revealed a rapidly emerging mainstream consensus among 2000 of their customers regarding where – and how – they want their money invested. Over 80% of those surveyed want  transparency … Continue reading

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“Savings incentives” – what’s your idea?

A friend DMs me after reading my log commenting on the proposals put forward by John Ralfe and Tom McPhail in the Times If you want the answer on pensions tax (1) get your objective clear, and if you have … Continue reading

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Regulator fines Regulator

Robin Ellison has too refined a mind and too fine a writing style, for his thoughts to be left languishing on Linked in. Not since the days of John Quarrell has there been such a dissenting voice, speaking against  the  … Continue reading

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John V Tom; my verdict on pension tax relief proposals.

Independently, John Ralfe and Tom McPhail have written in the Times with their ideas about tax relief. The John Ralfe  proposal. (link embedded) John would like all pension contributions whether  made directly by the employer or as a deductable from … Continue reading

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FCA’s stick is out, let’s see some carrot!

What’s happening at the FCA In January, the FCA have published a series of letters making it clear where its focus will be in a new “post Brexit” decade. The timing is important as the FCA is not only facing … Continue reading

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Why do people persist with multiple pension pots?

One in 3 over 55s with a private pensions have more than one pension pot but this group are the least likely to consider consolidating multiple pensions, according to new research. Older savers aged 55 and above were more likely to … Continue reading

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