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I’m not trying to be disruptive but….

I’m really touched by Mark Pearson bothering to write a testimonial for Pension PlayPen. In case you missed it – here it is! “Henry has clearly used his industry expertise to capitalise on a change to the law with regards to workplace … Continue reading

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CDC: Why would anyone do that?

I can’t disagree with any of this Jonathan. I guess the proof of the pudding will be in the eating and when trustees see CDC working, they will adopt. The issue is how CDC will get seeded without employer or … Continue reading

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Nobody’s scared!

“Velvet glove- iron fist -my arse!” As one Liverpudlian patriarch might have put it. I very much doubt that many employers see the doling out of three £400 penalty notices by the Pension Regulator as a wake-up call to get auto-enrolling. … Continue reading

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“I don’t need a new house – I need an extension!”

  I have sympathy with the pension managers of large employers who are being expected to adopt the pension reforms. It is not their job to make Government policies work, rather it is Government’s job to make pensions work- especially … Continue reading

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Block and delete – the only way to deal with “FROZEN PENSION. CO .UK

Today I took the unusual step (for me) of blocking and deleting John Adam of IM Consultants who trades through and wants to unlock your pension to invest it in Brazilian rainforests and other investment scams. The disclaimer on … Continue reading

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How much flexibility do DC savers want?

  The PPI have taken research conducted by  Opinium on 1000 individuals aged over 40 actively saving into DC and come up with their own analysis. The report suggests that in this group there is a high level of awareness of the … Continue reading

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Cold turkey

A large proportion of people in pensions are currently going through cold-turkey. I’m referring to those working for pension providers, advisers and employers who have benefited from commission for the past 30 years and are now finding the commission turned … Continue reading

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MAS goes it alone to provide an “at retirement advisor directory”.

The Money Advice Service has been consulting over the past few months on what a Directory of IFAs might look like. This consultation was spurred by the imminent launch of the Guidance Guarantee which will generate requests for financial advice. … Continue reading

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How do I buy financial advice?

At two recent events – (the Corporate Adviser Summit and the Investment Network), Advisors have told me that they choose clients not by “minimum fee” but by “minimum funds”. This sets my alarm bell ringing! If you want to see … Continue reading

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When losing seems like winning- the last post from #thePitch14

  We didn’t win but it felt like winning and how it feels to be Rebecca Coates of Properteco (the overall winner) , I’d like to know! It’s a gruelling 12 hour day and if it involves a  trip down … Continue reading

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