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Con Keating on pension guarantees (and CDC)

The absence of any guarantee supporting the promises of a CDC pension scheme makes the question of financial guarantees topical. The most important point to understand is that a guarantee does not ensure certainty of performance. It may be: “an … Continue reading

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John Ralfe and his “supertweet”.

“A hit – a very palpable hit”, cries Osric as Hamlet lances Laertes. So reads this triumphal  supertweet to the Bondanistas. 1 A DB pension promise has the same economic characteristics as as long dated secured bond. 2 We know how to value … Continue reading

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Are pensions too hard for employers?

The DWP are exhorting us to get to know our workplace pensions, but they might do better to start with the bosses who set them up! How many employers could answer these five simple questions? How do I transfer my … Continue reading

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Who gave this windfall to the rich?

I’ve talked about the impact of higher transfer values on people living in Port Talbot and Redcar, and in the British Steel Pension Scheme. Around March last year, those transfer values in some cases doubled. Why? There were two reasons. … Continue reading

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It’s not wealth but “wealth managers” that’s driving the surge in Pension Transfers.

This piece is in part a peace offering to Steve Lowe and Steve Groves, for my laying into the Just CETV kit, earlier this weekend (see above). I don’t buy the argument that two wrongs make a right, Just could … Continue reading

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The Pensions Regulator’s tough new line.

In yesterday’s blog I berated insurers and consultants for promoting a culture of de-risking to the great dis-service of ordinary members of defined benefit schemes. Understandably , I have got some stick for this from insurers (and the odd pension … Continue reading

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Just Wrong!

“Bloody” and “Furious”, the two adjectives that describe me this morning after reading this. ICYMI: Just Group develops new business to disrupt the individual defined benefit transfer market @WeareJust_PR @SpencePartners #fintech #innovation #trustees — Stephen Lowe (@slowe1968) May … Continue reading

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Trapped! What if you’re in a failing master-trust?

  Duncan Buchanan’s articles in Pension Expert are always worth reading, and his latest blog in Pensions Expert is no exception. He looks at small master trusts and asks just what would happen if one decided to pack it in. He … Continue reading

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Roll out Transparency today!

  Today is a Transparency Task Force day and Andy Agethangelou and the transparent will be assembling at Pension Insurance Corporation from 9am. You can catch me on a CDC power panel at 4pm. I urge you to go- it … Continue reading

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Don’t share this after 25th May – it’s far too good (the new Quietroom video)

In case you didn’t read this morning’s blog on GDPR, here is the blog the other way around, just because I can be as annoying as I like (until May 25th when apparently the fun stops). Enough about GDPR- here … Continue reading

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