Don’t share this after 25th May – it’s far too good (the new Quietroom video)

In case you didn’t read this morning’s blog on GDPR, here is the blog the other way around, just because I can be as annoying as I like (until May 25th when apparently the fun stops). Enough about GDPR- here (ladies, gentlemen,  boys and girls) is the new Quietroom video.

It’s taught me a lot – for instance – I didn’t know that Chepstow Racecourse do evening meetings so you can put your money on the 4.50 at Chepstow.

I did know that pensions money can do a lot of good, but as Alexander Pope would have said , this is true wit

“what oft was thought but ne’er so well expressed”.

If you can’t watch the video because the annoying people at work have banned youtube (and you haven’t learned how to use your iPhone) , here is what it’s about – according to its authors (who speak in unfeasibly high-pitched voices).

What happens to your pension money from the moment it leaves your pay packet to the moment you get it back? This video shows your money’s amazing journey – building stuff, creating jobs and doing good.

People who like this, often like this

Which has a bald geezer with another unfortunate regional accident but without a high pitched voice.

And very likely, they would like this. As it doesn’t have any annoying voices at all (but a Christmassy soundtrack).

It pains me to say it, but the numbers of people who’ve watched these videos on Youtube – isn’t very high. They aren’t exactly viral.

This may be as a result of GDPR – or it may be that Quietroom have better “routes to your eyeballs”.

So here – for the first time ever in UK bloggedness, is the entire Quietroom oeuvre. Including this behind the scenes look at the making of the Santa Brand book.

Please don’t watch all these videos at once, don’t watch them on the tube (unless you’re wearing headphones) and whatever you do, don’t try sharing them with your friends after May 25th (unless you’ve spoken to your lawyer – or your GDPR compliance team).

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