GDPR – a contrarian view

annoying GDPR

I was going to entitle this piece “f*#k GDPR” but I have too many people I like, who live that dream, to risk offence.

But I’ll be glad after 25th May, not to have to spend 30 minutes a day, reading and deleting emails from people I never knew, telling me how much I’d miss them if I didn’t send them a capture telling them a little more about me (sell me – sell me – please!).

You will be pleased to know, you won’t be getting a mail from asking whether you want to stay friends with me. That’s because you’re reading this blog occasionally, or you are one of my 1000 or so regulars, who’ve signed up as a blogger or to get my emails. You lot have to unsubscribe.

I am – it seems – able to capture your email and sell you things, I choose not to. I don’t want to sell or give your names to anyone else, though it appears I can do – simply by creating a CSV file with your details on it and mailing this to someone else.

So you data is totally in my hands as a result of you asking me to send you stuff.

Am I breaking the law?

I expect I am.

I expect I will have to delete all your details or send you some stupid email – as everyone else is doing. Perhaps someone – or everyone – will tell me what I have to do to comply to this dumb-ass regulation.

If so, drop me a note to or just issue abuse in the comments box below,

I read somewhere that I will have to pay a percentage of my blogging revenues to some Government agency for non-compliance. I am happy to do so. Since I earn nothing from this blog – the agency can get 100% of nothing.

This blog is my digital diary of what I think and how the world and I are getting along. I’m glad that it’s had nearly 200,000 visits this year, it shows I’m doing my day-job promoting the First Actuarial and Pension PlayPen Zeitgeist!

This is my paradigm (John and Richard), and it still will be this weekend!

Will the world be a better place after May 25th?

I very much doubt it. I don’t expect I’ll spend much less time pressing delete on Outlook and Gmail.

I expect you’ll continue to see my blog appearing on Linked in and Twitter and Facebook.

Aon’s “turn off the Tap” campaign appears to have run its course and Tap’s still running.

Like the millennium bug on Jan 1 2000, GDPR on May 25 will come- go – and there will be an army of lawyers, data specialists and hangers on , out looking for an ambulance to chase.

We live in a world of digital overload where we read what we find valuable. Developing the filters to cut out the crap and focus on what matters (to us) is part of our online education.

If you don’t like digital, don’t do digital. Be that shopper in Northampton raging that she won’t be able to buy her woollies from M&S because she isn’t “going on line” (and because M&S is sick of the sight of her).

Everyone has the right to buy and sell as they like in a global marketplace. It would appear we don’t have the right to be quite as annoying as we used to be, which is why we have GDPR.

Don’t fuss or bother me with GDPR

If anyone in the EU or Westminster or in any of the legal firms that surround me in the City – thinks that GDPR will make the slightest bit of difference to the way we live our lives, they haven’t got this message!

So rather than fret, watch the new Quietroom video – unsurprisingly – it’s bloody good- even if  I id get sent it 11 times yesterday!

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3 Responses to GDPR – a contrarian view

  1. Phil Castle says:

    Pretty much exactly how I feel about the continual re-statements made with all regulation as each new cohort of the elite want to re-write the rules.

    Those who’ve always treated client info as confidential wil continue to do so, those who have’n’t will not.

  2. Tony Margaritelli says:

    I’ll definitely continue reading your blog Henry

  3. Dave C says:

    I expect I’ll still get spam.

    Those middling companies with my data who don’t need my real data, will just have fake info any way.

    Those I trust with real data will still abuse it any way (Amazon, Facebook etc)

    What really needs to happen us users exercising a useful dose of scepticism and stop expecting regulators to protect them.

    This is just like the cookies warning nonsense all over again, and look who are worst at all that tracking nonsense… the big name multinationals.

    Many could argue this is just more protectionist nonsense.

    Do what you want with my data. Between google, amazon, MS/LinkedIn and Facebook, all your data is out there to the highest bidder any way.

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