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DC consolidation slows , Cinderella sits by the fire.

The Corporate Adviser Intelligence on GPP and mastertrusts is back for 2023 and a very good read it makes. The headlines are in the infographic above and I intend to dig down behind several of these metrics in blogs to … Continue reading

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When naming and shaming had to stop

It now is clear there are not one but two firms that have been hit with a  £350,000 fine through escalating penalties from the Pensions Regulator and both relate to the non-payment of monies into staff pension accounts. These are … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment; a national exercise in trust.

I like to tease Jo Cumbo that she can trust no-one because of her heritage! This blatantly xenophobic comment is based on a British prejudice that Australians find compulsion acceptable as compliance is in the blood. A second prejudice, that … Continue reading

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GDPR – a contrarian view

I was going to entitle this piece “f*#k GDPR” but I have too many people I like, who live that dream, to risk offence. But I’ll be glad after 25th May, not to have to spend 30 minutes a day, … Continue reading

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“Not complaining, just saying” – DWP + HMT screw-ups + how to deal with ’em

Yesterday saw two issues re-emerge from Government announcements that were inaccurate and  confusing. Both show that even with their army of lawyers, the Treasury and DWP still make fundamental errors that were they to be made from the private sector … Continue reading

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Social media – “everybody’s doing it – so let’s not do it at all!”

  I rode down to the Jumeirah Carlton Tower (no less) to speak at “Social Media for Marketing”, a sell-out conference which in headlines offered GUIDANCE, COMPLIANCE & FUTURE TRENDS At the risk of homogenising the other (excellent) speakers, this … Continue reading

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Auto-Enrolment needs more Training and less Selling

The standards adopted by those administering auto-enrolment have been high. Compliance to some complex problems that payroll, HR and pension providers have faced has been impressive. Sure there have been failures but countries (such as Ireland) reviewing the progress of … Continue reading

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This scaremongering on auto-enrolment has to stop!

Scaremongering Scaremongering sells newspapers and we love to be afraid. It is easy to write stories that play on our fears, because they are the ones we want to read. But that doesn’t make scaremongering alright, just as it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Identifying your auto-enrolment workers! Great guest blog by Karen Prince

This month sees the start of the final stage of auto-enrolment in the UK for more than 1.2 million employers. This last stage affects small and medium enterprises employing less than 30 staff. By April 2017, all businesses, including those … Continue reading

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The inter web of trust

My father did his national service in the navy. I remember him telling me why those in the navy saluted with a closed palm and those in the army with an open palm. According to my  Dad, those in the … Continue reading

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