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BOE pins LDI crisis on the “obscurity” of small DB funds.

Yesterday I reported on BOE +PRA batting for the pensioner against Government – batting for insured buy-out. That discussion was played out in front of parliament’s Treasury Committee on Monday and that same meeting – part of an inquiry into … Continue reading

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Transparent data rumbles Johnson’s lie.

Johnson’s grubby statement Boris Johnson’s statement that he wouldn’t be standing for PM against Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt is too grubby to be printed. It is in effect a declaration of intent to stand as leader in two years … Continue reading

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Value assessments – no answers without questions!

Fund boards not changing tack on performance in value assessments despite backlash Fact not spin When it comes to performance reporting, investors want fact not spin. They want to be told facts about what they get out of an investment … Continue reading

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Opperman; “let people see the value providers are giving them”

  “Pensions play a vital role in shaping the financial security of the nation and our commitment to net zero by 2050” So Guy Opperman opens the second of his end of year blogs in the pension press (this time … Continue reading

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“In pensions we trust” – when our data is trusty!

Yesterday I talked about how we can  performance analysis of individual pension pots to sense check the quality of data. The idea is to make sure that once contributions reach the pension provider, they are properly recorded and people can … Continue reading

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All party parliamentary group on pension scams takes shape

      Well done Andy Agethangelou and the Transparency Task Force for establishing an APPG to deal with pension scams. At a time when personal and financial vulnerability is high, attention to the threats to our pensions is welcome. … Continue reading

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Taking someone else’s numbers for it. The shortcomings of AoVs.

  I suffer from pension dreams, these wake me up at odd hours of the morning with questions that I cannot answer. This morning’s question was put to me by someone who bought a pension savings plan from me when … Continue reading

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Segregated mandates – a club for large pension schemes only

With a few exceptions, most pension schemes do not go overboard with the number of asset management products they use.   Having worked with some super-large, super-complex pooled schemes and fiduciary managers, I can understand at least one reason. Lots … Continue reading

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Not all asset managers are created equal

This is the second of ten articles written by Chris Sier which were originally published in Pension Expert. The original can be found here and is republished with the kind permission of the editor In the first piece of this … Continue reading

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Invest to change the world! #plsainvest20

  Investment has a PR problem. We do not aspire to be investors (no matter what Sid said). Indeed we (as in those who don’t normally go to investment conferences) think investment people arrogant, aloof and often downright crooked. A … Continue reading

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