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TPR/FCA and Government – shining light on value for money

TPR’s Corporate Plan  for the next three years is for the most part solid and uncontroversial. Where it extends beyond the 2020 plan is in a long section on value for money which I have quoted in full below. The … Continue reading

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An afternoon asking about “value” and “money”

Joni Mitchell’s famous line tells a truth. When it comes to pensions, most people have no idea of the value of their pension rights, which is why DB was taken away from us. DB has gone, they paved paradise and … Continue reading

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Value assessments – no answers without questions!

Fund boards not changing tack on performance in value assessments despite backlash Fact not spin When it comes to performance reporting, investors want fact not spin. They want to be told facts about what they get out of an investment … Continue reading

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MaPS – this is not the way to buy investment pathways!

I wonder how many of the 60,000 people who each month decide they want to “get at” their pension money, are finding their way to MaPS website set up for people to understand and compare their investment pathway options (for … Continue reading

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Do we value the money in our pensions?

  It seems odd that something as universal as money, can be valued in such different ways. I am always surprised that my partner considers achieving discounts on her shopping a personal triumph while she is happy to squander fortunes … Continue reading

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Opperman; “let people see the value providers are giving them”

  “Pensions play a vital role in shaping the financial security of the nation and our commitment to net zero by 2050” So Guy Opperman opens the second of his end of year blogs in the pension press (this time … Continue reading

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If you follow one person in 2021 – make it Mark Carney

  How we get what we value The Reith lectures were delivered this year by Mark Carney. He is to economists what Barack Obama is to politicians, a bellwether of considered common sense and though he is no longer Governor … Continue reading

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For workplace pensions value for money means……..

    One of the questions in the FCA’s consultation on value for money is whether its definition is ok or whether we can find a better one. This is our definition Pension value for money’s measured by the amount … Continue reading

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Aviva’s IGC – more effective than its report suggests

Aviva’s IGC has turned up and you can preview it here (it launches properly Monday) It’s available as  a PDF  you can download here or you can read a digital version Having read both, I’d suggest that the PDF works … Continue reading

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The price of everything , the value of nothing.

Knowing the price of investment management does not mean you know its value. Unfortunately the outcome of an investment can only be known retrospectively. Turning this on its head, past performance may not be a guide to a future , … Continue reading

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