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Why we shouldn’t choose pension providers just on price!

The decision from the DWP to defer prescribing on how a commercial pension provider charges member’s for their services is welcome. It would have been better if we didn’t have to consult further and that the Government made the message … Continue reading

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“No more junkets if you cut our margins” – IFAs warned.

Delegates at PIMS 2017, a floating holiday for Financial Planners (and journalists), seem have  been threatened . “Platforms will struggle to cut charges without affecting existing services”, Seven Investment Management (7IM) head of platform Verona Smith told advisers (including New Model Adviser to … Continue reading

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Alan Miller on price clustering among asset managers.

We recently published new research, backing up the recent FCA Asset Management Study findings regarding price clustering (i.e. cartel like pricing) within the UK fund management industry. SCM Direct analysed the non-index or tracker clean share classes of 683 funds … Continue reading

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Sustainable pricing is key to workplace pension support!

  That Workie lumbering around the park has a price tag. If he’s the NOW workie, he costs £40pm and if he’s People’s Pesnsion’s Workie you need to dish out £3-500 to use him in your workplace . Standard Life … Continue reading

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What should we pay for the annuity guarantee?

  The publication of the FCA’s market study on annuities has not met with much enthusiasm. Consumerists do not think it has gone far enough to punish lazy insurers. Those on the sell side find it hard to understand what … Continue reading

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Stamp Collecting – Britain’s most profitable hobby.

Once upon a time Britain invented the universal penny post that allowed your for 1d to send a letter anywhere in the UK. Because we invented the service and did the infrastructure properly we became the envy of the world and … Continue reading

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You can’t buy a sausage with a brick

Time to start saving for your future lads – you can’t buy a sausage with a brick – never could. You certainly can’t fund your retirement from negative equity.

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