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The PPF report a £400bn fall in DB assets in 2022

    The PPF’s estimate suggests that 23% of the asset base of Britain’s £1.8 trillion pound funded DB pensions has evaporated during 2022. This is equivalent to 23% of the assets. What goes down, will come back up but … Continue reading

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Why we mustn’t let the Royal Mail “pension solution” become a precedent

In Pension Age’s May edition, Paddy Briggs argued that the member’s best interests were not being served by the Government’s “sequestration” of the assets of the Royal Mail’s pension fund. Roger Turner produced a cogent riposte in your July/August issue … Continue reading

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Stamp Collecting – Britain’s most profitable hobby.

Once upon a time Britain invented the universal penny post that allowed your for 1d to send a letter anywhere in the UK. Because we invented the service and did the infrastructure properly we became the envy of the world and … Continue reading

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The cheque’s in the post

The Chancellor is due to receive a “windfall” of £25bn if plans for the Government to take over the Royal Mail pension fund go ahead. In a sleight of hand that would make David Blaine blush, this will enable the … Continue reading

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When someone takes you over – stealing your e-mail identity

At 7.50 yesterday I logged onto my Gmail account in Leeds  to find a message saying I’d changed my password twenty minutes before. Twenty minutes later I got a call from a friend in Australia that I’d asked him for money to … Continue reading

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