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“Our pension funds pay pensions!” – a slogan never said!

I get invites to events looking at the future of CDC, I got two yesterday, one from Dunstan Thomas and one from the RCA (invitation only – no less). I don’t think that anything about CDC should be invitation only, … Continue reading

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The conflicts of interest facing pension trustees

  Robin Powell of the Evidenced Based Investor, interviewed me this week. You can find the original interview here, Robin’s work is important, I hope a few readers will come to his seminar- advertised at the bottom of this piece. … Continue reading

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How safe is your workplace pension?

The opportunity to improve pension fund charging. Let us pause for a moment and consider what we are buying into when we set up a workplace pension for our staff. On the face of it, nobody enrolled into a workplace … Continue reading

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In a muddle about investment management fees

It is a truth , universally acknowledged, that the more money you make, the less inclined you are to tell people how you made it. Continue reading

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Those Dutch pension cuts in full!

Final figures from the Dutch central bank DNB show a total of 66 Dutch pension funds have been forced to curtail pensions due to funding shortfalls. Continue reading

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Can a hedge fund make your money prosper?

  Here is a question asked to members of  our Pension Play Pen by Alan Miller. It’s a long question so I’ve broken it down a bit- my answers at the bottom! When you consider predictions (eg LBS’s Dimson & Marsh) … Continue reading

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DC Trustees – asleep at the wheel?

I was spending insomniac hours reading posts about savings on http://www.moneysavingexpert.com when I came upon a thread about the ABI 14 agreeing to disclose transactional costs from next summer. There wasn’t much on the comments board – one post stood out. … Continue reading

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More cobblers from investment experts on DC pensions

I am afraid I have to report yet more moronic thinking from the investment community showing their  disconnect with the ways and means of everyday folk. Example one is from Lyxor, who used to be called Societe Generale until they screwed … Continue reading

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The cheque’s in the post

The Chancellor is due to receive a “windfall” of £25bn if plans for the Government to take over the Royal Mail pension fund go ahead. In a sleight of hand that would make David Blaine blush, this will enable the … Continue reading

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How’s this for a rip-off?

I’m not sure if it’s my job to whistle blow and so far they have only followed 82 people on twitter (including me) – but don’t you reckon this kind of offer is a little dubious? Continue reading

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