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Ever wondered where those “pension leads” come from?

Many financial advisers buy “pension leads”. These are hot prospects keen to take action to change their financial circumstances. Many of these leads are legitimately sourced, but many aren’t. If you spend time on Linked in or Twitter or Facebook, … Continue reading

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Is this what your savings are paying for?

We have another Twickenham home international coming up, look out for your favourite analyst , he’ll be in one of the glass-fronted boxes . Continue reading

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It’s a wrap trap – but who’s been caught?

If you thought you were sick of pensions, imagine  the nausea of the life company CEO. If you are such a beast and reading this, you are probably are American or European and your company brought into the UK a few years back … Continue reading

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DC Trustees – asleep at the wheel?

I was spending insomniac hours reading posts about savings on http://www.moneysavingexpert.com when I came upon a thread about the ABI 14 agreeing to disclose transactional costs from next summer. There wasn’t much on the comments board – one post stood out. … Continue reading

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The dam is full – manage the sluices

It can’t be much fun at the ABI these days. The FSA are investigating mis-pricing of annuities, the OFT are studying the distribution insurers use for pensions and just about every consumerist from Gregg McClymont to the NAPF are calling … Continue reading

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2 cheers for the Regulator’s new clothes

Not before time, the Pension Regulator is getting to grips with its responsibilities to protect members of UK DC plans. I am pleased that the Regulator is getting involved (one cheer) and I’m pleased that they are concentrating on outcomes (two … Continue reading

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The RDR has scotch’d the snake not killed it!

the FSA has “scotched the snake not killed it”. Continue reading

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Is honesty contagious? More on pension charges.

I’ve just read an excellent blog by Alastair Conway of Cofunds published on FT Advisor. It deals with the issues IFAs are facing as they enter the new world formed by the Retail Distribution Review and focusses on the adoption … Continue reading

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The Regulator Strikes Back – Barclays, fund platforms and the FSA

I quote some of an article by matthew.vincent@ft.com  which is quite brilliant (link here) – I won’t ever write this well! The Financial Times continues to provide the world’s best coverage of financial issues – thank goodness we live in a world … Continue reading

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