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The shortest day, remember those whose days were too short.

Each year my blog marks the shortest day of the year with a post and this year I have got  an interesting reminder from Stuart Reynolds that though this is the shortest day, it is not the day with the … Continue reading

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For pity’s sake.

      I’ve just read a very funny and moving article about a grandson’s changing attitude to his grandfather’s dementia. The article is a little stylised as it’s on Vice and is rather longer and more thoughtful than the … Continue reading

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Ignore promises of profligacy or face the tragic consequences.

Really important piece by @ChrisGiles_ Philip Hammond always worried that if HMT allowed fiscal credibility to slip, the Tories would end up fighting (and losing) an economic argument with Labour about who could spend most — George Parker (@GeorgeWParker) September … Continue reading

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I’d rather be a Ploughman than Icarus

Today, Tuesday 15th January 2019, will be a historic day in UK politics as the BBC is predicting Mrs May faces the biggest defeat any government has suffered in 100 years. Yesterday she suffered a defeat in the House of … Continue reading

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I am not Donne!

    ‘Tis the year’s midnight, and it is the day’s, Lucy’s, who scarce seven hours herself unmasks;          The sun is spent, and now his flasks          Send forth light squibs, no constant rays;                 The world’s whole sap is sunk; … Continue reading

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I wanna tell you a story

Every picture tells a story, this blog is about storytelling. Some people don’t like stories, they think they’re tricky – like the photo. But good stories surprise you because they make you see things in a different way, they help … Continue reading

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The trusted word

This is the model for what we are doing with Pension PlayPen, an attempt to harness the energy and credibility of a linked in group, the probity of an actuarial practice and the needs of advisers, employers and regulators to see through a great endeavour, the wholesale adoption of funded workplace pensions into our business culture.
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The Vision of the Plowman

The “Vision of the Pension Plowman” is a bastardisation of the title of a 14th century english Poet (William Langland’s) great poem, “the Vision of Piers Plowman”. In this great book, the Plowman falls asleep by a stream and dreams … Continue reading

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Hamlet and Piglet in conversation

The Oldie have asked for a 16 line poem that captures a conversation between Hamlet and Piglet Continue reading

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Has Webb scotch’d the commission snake – or killed it?

All the advisers needed to do was to make promises. They did not have to keep them. Continue reading

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