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Managing and enjoying our linked in groups

Linked in groups have for over a decade provided ordinary people to do extraordinary things. For me, Pension Play Pen has allowed me to speak to a small circle of friends that has grown to nearly 10,000 people by word … Continue reading

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How Facebook works for pensions.

Most people know I use social media a lot – it serves me well and I’m keen to help people less familiar with it, to spend their time profitably. Two years ago I was saying, spend time on Linked in … Continue reading

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Linked in – the predator’s playground

I suspect that your view of the $26bn (£18bn) cash valuation of Linkedin by Microsoft, will depend on whether your a linked in predator or linked in  prey. Linkedin is the Serengeti of the social media world, a (cyber) space … Continue reading

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The year pensions became real again

  Pensions – real money Pension money is real money. It belongs to real people and is used to pay real bills, putting fuel into cars, buying flowers in supermarkets and paying for tickets to watch shows and sports matches. … Continue reading

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Why I will accept your Linked In invitation!

  I came across this article on Linked In from a guy called Michael O’Donnell. It had the title “why I won’t accept your linked in invitation” which is odd, because the guy clearly will accept most people who reach … Continue reading

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Pension PlayPen needs your digits.

  Digital marketing is something we’re having to learn as we go along. We’ve got to find 1,000,000 employers who don’t have a workplace pension and convince them of the importance of paying some attention to what their staff invest … Continue reading

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The trusted word

This is the model for what we are doing with Pension PlayPen, an attempt to harness the energy and credibility of a linked in group, the probity of an actuarial practice and the needs of advisers, employers and regulators to see through a great endeavour, the wholesale adoption of funded workplace pensions into our business culture.
Continue reading

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Do linkedin endorsements do your head in?

You can’t stop someone from endorsing you, but you can opt out of having your endorsements show on your profile Continue reading

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Spammed out on linkedin?

This article is about the inane messages we get on LinkedIn, why people send them and why they’re a waste of time There are two types of messages that really frustrate me when they arrive in my LinkedIn inbox. The … Continue reading

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“This House” is a pension playpen

The serendipity of social media and  more exactly the generosity of brought me two tickets to see “This House” on  Saturday night. The link is with the Quiet Room’s co-boss, Vincent Franklin who is one of the stars of this show. My … Continue reading

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