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Trial by twitter’s fine by me!

An IFA withdraws its transfer service complaining it’s the victim of “trial by twitter”. Accountability is something that falls hard on adviser’s shoulders. Because we are in the business of longer term investment, the outcomes of our advice will typically … Continue reading

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“A bit of a balls up- to be frank!”

If you turn left out of the back of the Treasury and walk down to Caxton Street you’ll find the offices of the DWP. If you turn right out of Caxton Street, you’ll come to the Treasury, it’s a five minute … Continue reading

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Boom Bust Boom

I went to the Imax this week (great cinema) to see Boom Bust Boom. I was a guest of Cardano, the Dutch fiduciary manager and I had a good time. One thing I’ve learned about the meeja, is that if … Continue reading

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I’ve just been (pension) geeked!

Yesterday, as you probably weren’t aware, was national pension awareness day. I tried to tell you  in my Pension Play Pen weekly announcement but did you engage? I thought not September 15th was decreed so by the Pension Geeks among whom … Continue reading

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The trusted word

This is the model for what we are doing with Pension PlayPen, an attempt to harness the energy and credibility of a linked in group, the probity of an actuarial practice and the needs of advisers, employers and regulators to see through a great endeavour, the wholesale adoption of funded workplace pensions into our business culture.
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If it’s worth having- let’s have it now!

News travels fast on the web but the news that it’s taken the BBC 5 years to work out that a lot of the technology they’d blown £100m on is available today for free, clearly travelled slowly. If a technology … Continue reading

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Digital accountability – a terrible beauty is born

An interesting comment from my mother “Jimmy Savile would not have got away with it today.” This from an 80 year old who observes the digital age with detached amusement but understands that the behaviour of a celebrity is now governed … Continue reading

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Troy Shandell – sic transit gloria mundi

Shortly after 11am on 11th November 1961, I arrived into the world. I hadn’t done much for the Minute’s Silence and I haven’t done much for peace and quiet since. The week that I was born saw the Marvelettes “Please Mr … Continue reading

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Kids stuff – what HR and Pension people can learn from Generation C

We will be competing for their interest with a whole bunch of others trying to get some space on their cloud. Continue reading

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