Boom Bust Boom

boom bust boom

I went to the Imax this week (great cinema) to see Boom Bust Boom. I was a guest of Cardano, the Dutch fiduciary manager and I had a good time.

One thing I’ve learned about the meeja, is that if you ain’t got a beard, you’re nowhere. The only person I could see with a beard was Michael Johnson who wanted to talk about how the budget would transform pensions tax relief.

He introduced me to a bloke without a beard who I dismissed as some derelict who’d wondered in from the subway. This turned out to be a mistake as he was the Director of the film and called Terry Jones. It was explained to me that he was once a very funny man.

bill ben and terry

Fortunately, I was put right by Bill and Ben, the production men,

Bill and Ben pic_400

Bill and Ben

who’ve pointed me to check out this trailer. It appears that Terry Jones is still a very funny man.

You get the picture. The documentary’s bound for the BBC and will be coming to a TV screen near you later in the year. I think Cardano put up the money, which is pretty big of them. I had a lot of Prosecco and it was just as well Waterloo station was a short stagger from the cinema.

There are 25 economists featured in the film . 23 are men and two , Lucy Prebbles and Laurie Santos, are woman. Laurie’s the “lady working with monkeys” , which could be an alternative title for the film if you consider the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street’s central role in the 2008 banking crisis.

Monty Python was often described as a boys club with Carol Cleveland appearing as gratuitous eye candy. This film certainly had that quality about it. Fortunately I was sitting next to a lady who fed me popcorn in return for sips of my Prosecco. She found it hilarious and so did I.

It wasn’t hard, with her giggling besides me, to work out where the whole finance system had gone wrong. Too many men believing their own hype, too few women feeding them popcorn and digging them in the ribs.

We could also do with more South Park, the clips of which were highlights, together with the monkeys.  Alan Greenspan, Gordon Brown, the South Sea Bubble as well as the Bankers could do with watching this film.

They could also do with watching this excellent production (also from Cardano)

If you like that one- there’s another one after it with the good advice

If you’re a male , don’t go into the investment business.

There are some who might say that Cardano are deliberately distorting the beardless , female-less banking agenda by introducing irrelevent videos like these.

However the Pension PlayPen says we need more beards in finance, we need more women and we need more films like this to keep us honest.

If you have not listened to our latest podcast on beards, feel free to while away a wet weekend on this little beauty featuring the weirdy beardies of Quietroom.

And if you want to know what the point of all this hilarity might be, try out the Cardano education website . Don’t you love these crazy Dutchmen!

Well done Cardano, well done Terry Jones, well done Bill and Ben.

Theo Kocken – you are a top man

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