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Simon Carne – ‘I learned to write’

    Yesterday, a few hours before I went into my current isolation, I got a mail from Simon Carne. I know I was not alone, this is what my friend Con Keating wrote me   Henry I thought this … Continue reading

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Lou- it’s the beginning of a great adventure!

I wish you strength, good humour and fortitude and I hope you wish it back. Continue reading

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Blogging all over the world (cheer up!)

The thing about Rocking All Over the World is its dumb enthusiasm. And I like it , and I like it and I like it and  like – here we go -rocking all over the world. Dumb enthusiasm isn’t easy. Most people can’t do it but … Continue reading

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Troy Shandell – sic transit gloria mundi

Shortly after 11am on 11th November 1961, I arrived into the world. I hadn’t done much for the Minute’s Silence and I haven’t done much for peace and quiet since. The week that I was born saw the Marvelettes “Please Mr … Continue reading

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If you write as good as you talk – no one reads you

None of us currently have the answers and if we don’t have these conversations I suspect we never will! Continue reading

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