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The day of mourning dawns

It is 6am on the day of the late Queen’s funeral. The bells of St Pauls ring above me as I think about the day ahead. Around parliament the tail of the queue wags towards Westminster’s St Stephen’s Hall, stragglers … Continue reading

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Simon Carne – ‘I learned to write’

    Yesterday, a few hours before I went into my current isolation, I got a mail from Simon Carne. I know I was not alone, this is what my friend Con Keating wrote me   Henry I thought this … Continue reading

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Time to stop dissing Robo-Advice?

In a brilliant article , which you may be quick enough to access via this link, the FT’s Damian Fantano explores what is going on with robo-advice – or what robo-advisers like to call “putting the AI into financial advice”. … Continue reading

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The sordid side of nudge.

Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind Cannot bear very much reality.   (TS Eliot – four quartets) There is a thin dividing line between nudge and dishonesty. Nudge  flirts with transparency but never consummates. We are nudging millions of … Continue reading

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