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Don’t talk about the weather..!

I get bored with people talking about the weather… But I never get bored looking at our wonderful countryside and the impact the weather creates upon it. If you visit the Clore Gallery at the Tate, you can see how … Continue reading

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The New Dawn Fades (for IFAs)

For twenty five years we have been sold the need for independent financial advice. I was an IFA once and never for a moment reckoned I was offering independent advice – one product looked pretty much like another and if product … Continue reading

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24 hours – the greatest rock lyric so far?

I saw Joy Division once, supporting the Buzzcocks at the Village Bowl in Bournemouth . They played “24 hours”, the first time I’d heard it – I think the gig pre-dated the release of Closer. I still speak about the … Continue reading

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Troy Shandell – sic transit gloria mundi

Shortly after 11am on 11th November 1961, I arrived into the world. I hadn’t done much for the Minute’s Silence and I haven’t done much for peace and quiet since. The week that I was born saw the Marvelettes “Please Mr … Continue reading

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Trans-global joy

The best part of the Christmas story was the Magi rocking up at Bethlehem following a global sat nav and a lot of hope..

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Biker to Banker

Cycling through the city this morning I saw a well-dressed banker walk into the road attached to his mobile phone. After doing an emergency stop, the cyclist in front of me  asked “excuse me sir, is this road part of your  PFI … Continue reading

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