Don’t talk about the weather..!

I get bored with people talking about the weather…

But I never get bored looking at our wonderful countryside and the impact the weather creates upon it.

If you visit the Clore Gallery at the Tate, you can see how Constable , Turner and others saw these sites.

But if you want a free show of the wonders of natural light on the Thames valley, go no further than this blog and these photos captured on an iphone by Joy Reymond


Thames 2

Here we are , coming through Temple lock on our way back from Windsor, it’s 8pm and the day is ending.

Thames 7

And here, an hour earlier at Bourne End.

Thames 8.jpg

We flirted with danger as we headed home

Thames 9.jpg

But with Joachim and Sadie on the ropes the skies kept blue

Thames 10.jpg

Even when we got stuck in Marlow lock!

Here are Nigel and Sheila coming back even later in the evening on Torbillie

And this is the light under which I wrote this blog!


You too can come boating on the Thames with us. Just click on the date that best suits you – there are plenty left this summer. You can see all the details by following this link

I don’t charge – but please feel free to bring some food and drink with you!

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  1. Gerry Flynn says:

    Why are you flying the US Navy pennant for the letter “U” or the Russian one for “running into danger” but it’s upside down?

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