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Get up! Stand up! For your pension rights!

Governance on these schemes cannot be imposed by Government, it needs to happen organically – bottom up. Continue reading

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Better-buying makes auto-enrolment work

The promise of “Wealth at work” has disguised the paucity of the pension outcomes when work finishes. Continue reading

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It’s a wrap trap – but who’s been caught?

If you thought you were sick of pensions, imagine  the nausea of the life company CEO. If you are such a beast and reading this, you are probably are American or European and your company brought into the UK a few years back … Continue reading

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It’s charges not contributions that are on the “race to the bottom”!

I’ve been reviewing the 2013 charging options available to advisers using Scottish Widows – “Corporate Pensions; RDR and charging shape options”. The document gives advisers numerous options to pass on fees to members of their workplace pension plans. I wonder whether … Continue reading

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Right direction – wrong speed! Defining a “good” workplace pension.

I like the rhetoric, what the DWP and tPR are saying is going in the right direction, I hope they can keep their foot to the floor so that companies and trustees staging next year can get it right first time. Continue reading

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Time to get tough on “dodgy” pensions – the Regulator speaks

Regular readers will know that I have for a few months been expecting and calling for a strengthening of the DWP’s stance on what makes for “good” and what kinds of pension scheme should Qualify for auto-enrolment. I did not … Continue reading

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The New Dawn Fades (for IFAs)

For twenty five years we have been sold the need for independent financial advice. I was an IFA once and never for a moment reckoned I was offering independent advice – one product looked pretty much like another and if product … Continue reading

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DC road testing – August Play Pen Pension lunch

It’s come to a pretty pass when a man can walk into a room full of pensions people , ask a question and not get an answer for the fear of the advisers. When our good colleague , a company secretary … Continue reading

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Is Steve Webb at war with personal pensions?

I know a lot of people who like managing their money and study the fund pages of the newspapers as I study the form pages of the Racing Post. For them the Self Invested Personal Pension, the services of a … Continue reading

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Time for a “4G” Pensions auction?

If you want to have a mobile phone company you need a 3G licence which costs money. The Government made a lot of money from selling the use of our 3G radio waves to Vodafone and the like and are set to … Continue reading

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