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ABI finally comes clean on pension charges

Here, not before time, is the ABI’s capitulation in the face of pressure from Government, opposition, the NAPF and all right-thinking people in pensions. Special thanks go to Gregg and his team on the Labour pensions bench! The agreement is … Continue reading

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Scale and scalability- why L & G is the cuckoo in the Nest.

NEST is a pensions white-elephant and at £300m, the most expensive animal in the zoo Continue reading

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Is Steve Webb at war with personal pensions?

I know a lot of people who like managing their money and study the fund pages of the newspapers as I study the form pages of the Racing Post. For them the Self Invested Personal Pension, the services of a … Continue reading

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NEST’s been gelded by the ABI – this is the result!

Here is a case study that will be of interest to Gregg Mcclymont MP  @greggmcclymont  and those campaigning for “remasculating” NEST. As I’ve said before NEST is a pension eunuch. It cannot accept transfers, accomadate chunky contributors or pass on the benefits … Continue reading

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How shares work (for us and our pensions)

Shares haven’t worked well for us over the past twelve years. World stock markets, especially the mature markets in Britain , Japan and the US, are worth less today than they were at the turn of the millenium. While some company’s shares … Continue reading

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Who pays for a register of pensions?

I’ve been writing this week about the small pension policies that most of us have “lying around” in some drawer or other. Maybe they came from well intentioned pension savings plans that just couldn’t be kept up, maybe from company DC schemes that … Continue reading

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