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Lord make AE simple – but not yet!

The title refers to Augustine’s prayer “lord make me chaste, but not yet”. It came to mind as I read concern from “industry spokespeople” over the DWP’s announcement to simplify the Auto-Enrolment regulations in time for the staging of the … Continue reading

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Opt-outs triggered by smartphones say Legal and General!

Speaking at a private conference for First Actuarial staff, Adrian Boulding said that Legal and General‘s clients were enthusiastic about their staging experience and he went on to suggest that members were much more ready to get information and transact digitally than his firm … Continue reading

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The toxic transfer; be wary when aggregating pensions!

The DWP has published new statistics that support their contention that there is more economic value in the “pot follows member” model than the “aggregate to Supertrust” model. The NAPF have of course countered and have calculated that under the aggregator … Continue reading

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Scale and scalability- why L & G is the cuckoo in the Nest.

NEST is a pensions white-elephant and at £300m, the most expensive animal in the zoo Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment;- the story so far

Payroll managers are playing an increasingly important role in the formation of their business’ pension strategies. Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment ; winners and losers.

Tesco doesn’t seem to be getting too much credit from the DB aficionados who have been perturbed by its attempts to push back retirement ages as part of the new deal.

Continue reading

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Christmas naif

Christmas naif that I am! Continue reading

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