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Fanning the faint flame for better workplace pensions

Over the next few weeks, Britain’s various IGCs (and baby IGCs) will be reporting on the state of the insurers and the non-insured SIPP providers from an independent viewpoint. I have berated some of  the IGC Chairs for being confused … Continue reading

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If the deal is good – why not shout about it? Guest Blog From Ralph Frank

Pension savers in the UK benefit, and have done so for some time, from tax relief on their contributions.  This perk has been a key driver in incentivising these savers to defer a portion of their earnings for later in … Continue reading

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Nobody’s scared!

“Velvet glove- iron fist -my arse!” As one Liverpudlian patriarch might have put it. I very much doubt that many employers see the doling out of three £400 penalty notices by the Pension Regulator as a wake-up call to get auto-enrolling. … Continue reading

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Do you want to be a Pension PlayPen Agent?

If you fancy helping your clients to get the right workplace pension to suit their payroll and provide best outcomes for their staff, you should register as an agent at http://www.pensionplaypen.com/register . Helping your clients to use our service doesn’t … Continue reading

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Diagnosing the real cost of DC

A problem with buying  “bundled” DC services is finding out what’s really going on under the bonnet. I recently blew my power steering pump , I wanted to know what had happened but the pump was in a sealed unit – no warning … Continue reading

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The Regulator’s right to be cautious about mastertrusts

Over the past two years we’ve seen a number of multi-employer occupational schemes spruced up for auto-enrolment. We’ve seen a number of insurers and asset managers set up as the providers of master trusts. We’ve had a few financial advisers … Continue reading

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Why the DC “game is up” for the active fund managers

Like landed salmon , they flap around on the bank, hoping they may get thrown back in the water. Continue reading

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Too important to hide;- why the Government has to investigate pension default charges

LCP, the pensions consultancy, yesterday published its first DC Fees Survey and very good it is too. It confirms what we knew, that the investment fees and charges for some DC funds are not transparent, that they can be as much as 100% … Continue reading

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Japanese Knotweed – the spread of passive defaults.

While investment consultants ponder the fifty shades of grey of diversification, I ponder just who , outside a small number of “experts” is prepared to take a decision on the default investment option of a company’s defined contribution pension scheme. This question … Continue reading

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NEST’s been gelded by the ABI – this is the result!

Here is a case study that will be of interest to Gregg Mcclymont MP  @greggmcclymont  and those campaigning for “remasculating” NEST. As I’ve said before NEST is a pension eunuch. It cannot accept transfers, accomadate chunky contributors or pass on the benefits … Continue reading

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