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Let loose the dogs of law!

In this article, I argue that until those who manage funds and assets are held responsible to the end consumer we will not see effective enforcement of reforms. The central thrust of the FCA’s Asset Management Market Study (interim) is … Continue reading

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Putting yourself second – what a boss should do.

There is no law that says you should be polite. Standing aside from someone getting off a train, opening doors for the elderly and those with push-chairs, paying your pension bills before paying your dividend, these are all things we … Continue reading

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Fanning the faint flame for better workplace pensions

Over the next few weeks, Britain’s various IGCs (and baby IGCs) will be reporting on the state of the insurers and the non-insured SIPP providers from an independent viewpoint. I have berated some of  the IGC Chairs for being confused … Continue reading

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Do self-employed “workers” know their pension rights?

The self-employed have been marginal to Pension Reform. An obscure section of the 2008 Pension Act makes it possible for them to take part in NEST, however NEST do not advertise they can receive self-employed contributions and I’d be surprised if they have … Continue reading

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“Knowing but not doing is nothing”.

So says the sage of Newbury – Peter Shellswell – he of the Popcorn Pension. I share his intellectual property as you know not of what he talks nor what “something”might be! Well I’ll let you into his secret, he was … Continue reading

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A policeman’s lot’s a beneficial one

I doubt I will be the only person this morning seriously worried by the attitude their senior officers display when called to account.
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A democratic Duty of Care

My confidence that a just and equitable setltlement will be reached is based on my unwavering belief in the value of British Society to deliver a fair solution. Continue reading

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Introduction to Trusteeship

The environment in which pension scheme trustees operate has never been more complex
and there is no doubt that the role of the pension scheme trustee is under more scrutiny
than ever before.
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