“Knowing but not doing is nothing”.

So says the sage of Newbury – Peter Shellswell – he of the Popcorn Pension.

I share his intellectual property as you know not of what he talks nor what “something”might be!

Well I’ll let you into his secret, he was talking with me yesterday about what works and what doesn’t when you talk with people about organising their finances.

“what are your metrics of success”

I quizzed the great man. Sat on velvet cushions, between tokes on his hookum, the sage replied…

 Here error is all in the not done,
all in the diffidence that faltered …

Slightly concerned at his non-attribution of Pound’s famous climax to Canto 81, I pressed him.

Do you tell me that success is to be measured in terms of the completion of the task and failure in terms of “the diffidence that faltered”.

Shellswell looked heavenwards with a beatific smile and puffed a cloud of blue smoke from pursed lips.

To teach people what they should do without giving them the means to do it is a crime.

 Though you have the choice not to see through your ambitions, I have the responsibility to remove all obstacles from your way”.

The sage flirts as the village idiot. Were it not for his having FIA after his name , I would be tempted to put a dunces cap upon his head and put him on the naughty step.

For his seeming innocence is but a mask. Shellswell knows that he needs to get under the skin of his disciples through his benign simplicities. He irritates us with his seeming platitudes only to punch us in the solar plexus with some killer financial argument that gives us no space but to agree to do something about our prospective impecuinty.

Hats off to the sage, the purveyor of popcorn pensions.

You know that not doing is nothing and that knowledge without action is nothing.

I know you are right –

all hail the sage of Newbury!

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