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The world of the inactive investor

  Of all my amateur enthusiasms, my interest in how to invest my money is perhaps the silliest. The economist’s hat sits ill upon my head, my capacity to second guess market trends is zero. So I’m always pleased to … Continue reading

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Let loose the dogs of law!

In this article, I argue that until those who manage funds and assets are held responsible to the end consumer we will not see effective enforcement of reforms. The central thrust of the FCA’s Asset Management Market Study (interim) is … Continue reading

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Half a million savers let down by those they trust!

I am (once again) grateful to Jo Cumbo of the FT for her excellent reporting. Here is her summary of the latest state of the nation report on the progress of IGCs and Trustee Chairs overseeing our workplace pensions. You … Continue reading

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Who is the master? Who can be trusted? Guest blog from Ralph Frank

  There has been increasing clamour in recent times for more stringent regulation of Master Trusts.  The Government has duly obliged, tacking a Pensions Bill onto the Queen’s Speech.  The details of the Bill are currently light, although it is … Continue reading

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Can the pension insurers win back their customers’ respect?

IGCs are ours to use and not the insurers to castrate. Continue reading

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When is a fiduciary independent?

It’s a question asked by Karen Wake on twitter @JosephineCumbo @henryhtapper @DominicLindley @greggmcclymont So … what is "independent"? We might be chasing a tornado here — Karen Wake (@pensionmonkey) October 29, 2015 I’m not into chasing tornadoes so I’ll try … Continue reading

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Advisers advise, fiduciaries govern.

I am going to New York next month to talk about risk sharing in the UK. I will be sharing my session with Simon Nelson of Eckler, a Canadian actuary and we’re comparing notes at the moment. I’d like to … Continue reading

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Not what’s in the pot but what it buys – Pension RTI

Progress means talking straight with people, it isn’t always pleasant but it has to be done. Continue reading

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Too important to hide;- why the Government has to investigate pension default charges

LCP, the pensions consultancy, yesterday published its first DC Fees Survey and very good it is too. It confirms what we knew, that the investment fees and charges for some DC funds are not transparent, that they can be as much as 100% … Continue reading

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Japanese Knotweed – the spread of passive defaults.

While investment consultants ponder the fifty shades of grey of diversification, I ponder just who , outside a small number of “experts” is prepared to take a decision on the default investment option of a company’s defined contribution pension scheme. This question … Continue reading

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