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Five reasons why pensions need payroll.

  I have been involved in pension management for over 30 years, the last 2o years dealing with large employers and the management of their schemes. In the past ten years I have seen a shift from in-house pension management … Continue reading

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“Cynicism’s” trending on #pensions

I’m cynical about cynics – but in a nice way Continue reading

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Call out the instigators

The Office of Fair Trading has decided to get stuck into workplace pensions. Pension people fight grimly on like  townspeople uner siege in the 100 years war. The OFT is the  invincible siege engine wheeled to the gates. In August this year,  the OFT … Continue reading

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We won’t reinvigorate workplace savings like this

This paper has the watermark of a Department, Government and Minister that has run out of steam. Time to reinvigorate the DWP. Continue reading

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What Steve Webb must do now.

Well Mr Webb, you said it; I refer to your excellent talk at the IOD (16/10/12) First you said that you would legislate for “pot follows member” in 2014/15 .Then when asked what happens if a member transfers to a bad qualifying scheme, you … Continue reading

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The toxic transfer; be wary when aggregating pensions!

The DWP has published new statistics that support their contention that there is more economic value in the “pot follows member” model than the “aggregate to Supertrust” model. The NAPF have of course countered and have calculated that under the aggregator … Continue reading

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Sponsor affordability and the use of security

This is an excellent article from my friend Simon Kew who trades as the Pensions Jackal on twitter. The subject may seem obscure but it isn’t – if you are in a Defined Benefit Pension Scheme you should know about … Continue reading

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How shares work (for us and our pensions)

Shares haven’t worked well for us over the past twelve years. World stock markets, especially the mature markets in Britain , Japan and the US, are worth less today than they were at the turn of the millenium. While some company’s shares … Continue reading

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Aspirational pensions – popcorn pensions!!

There are going to be a lot of objections to aspirational pensions over the weeks and months to come, but for me they are popcorn pensions – delicious, affordable and while they may not be the haute cuisine of the guaranteed Final Salary plans pragmatic.

Continue reading

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“Making Pension Charges Clearer” – good on the NAPF

The NAPF, as I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, are a rather better trade body than you’d expect . Revitalised by Joanne Seagers and Dan Torjussen-Proctor they appear a more progressive member centric organisation than in years gone by. Ambitiously, they … Continue reading

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