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Succinct and to the point

“Digital communications” have moved from Silicon Valley into our coat pockets in a decade. Continue reading

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It worked for Wendy- how Morrisons staged auto-enrolment

If I had a vote for “pensions personality of the year, I’d give it to Wendy Taylor of Morrisons and I’d give her understudy Claire Ramus a “highly commended”! They’ve inspired their Board, their staff and they’ve brought a breath of fresh air to the … Continue reading

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Tesco v Morrisons – a pension-enrolment showdown

The Government officials charged with monitoring the success of auto-enrolment will no doubt be watching with interest the reported numbers enrolling into the Morrison’s and Tesco’s pension arrangements. Both organisations have opted to provide their “eligible jobholders” with defined benefit pensions; the … Continue reading

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Morrison’s “Save our Dough” campaign.

Employers don’t spend money on their staff for fun, Employee benefits need to be cost justified and compete for corporate spend against R&D, dividend payments and M&A. While CEOs like to remind their workforces that they are the company’s most valuable asset, … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment ; winners and losers.

Tesco doesn’t seem to be getting too much credit from the DB aficionados who have been perturbed by its attempts to push back retirement ages as part of the new deal.

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