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Are we tone deaf when we talk about pensions?

This blog accuses the majority of the pension industry of being “tone deaf” when talking to its customers. We are about to embark on a pension attention campaign, the messaging for which is “tone deaf”.  We are asking people to … Continue reading

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Pension Awareness Day and the Cost of Living Crisis

But Google “Pension Awareness Day” and this is what you get… The UK is facing a challenge we are not saving enough for the future. We all want to retire someday and you can’t keep relying on that lottery win … Continue reading

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Pensions – Awareness is all!

Welcome to September 15th – Pension Awareness Day. I’m travelling up to Peterborough to join Jonathan Bland, Biggsy and other geeks who have been travelling around the country this past week, bigging up pensions. The Pension Geeks are a well … Continue reading

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“GMP equalisation” – will the geeks inherit the earth?

Few pension experts expect GMP equalisation to change people’s lives. The Daily Express’ headline “Millions of women to share pension windfall” is plain wrong. GMP equalisation can benefit men as well as women. The Express, reckon 8,000 out of 235,000 … Continue reading

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Pension fury from Paul Lewis

It’s worth subscribing to Paul Lewis’ weekly Moneybox blog, delivered to your inbox on a Friday afternoon. This week’s mail addresses a central unfairness; those laying down the law on pensions are sorted , those they tell to “engage” –  face  “glacial”  innovation from … Continue reading

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Pensions Awareness Day #PAD2016

  Yesterday was Pensions Awareness Day. The Pension Plowman apologises to the Pensions Geeks for not shouting about it on this blog yesterday but those at Friends of Auto Enrolment yesterday afternoon wore the badges, those at the Payroll World … Continue reading

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Why we want PENSION AWARENESS every day!

It’s been a week of contrasts for me On Wednesday I spent time in the splendour of Mayfair’s Claridge’s Hotel learning how Legal and General were designing products to help people in retirement. On Thursday I was in the Kingsley … Continue reading

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I’ve just been (pension) geeked!

Yesterday, as you probably weren’t aware, was national pension awareness day. I tried to tell you  in my Pension Play Pen weekly announcement but did you engage? I thought not September 15th was decreed so by the Pension Geeks among whom … Continue reading

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