Anything but Bland – The Playpen gets Pension Aware


Jonathan Bland was a top guest at Pension PlayPen’s coffee morning yesterday. Sadly you can’t see how good a guest as I failed to press “record” when chairing. Which only goes to show there is nothing like live attendance.

At this coffee morning we learned

  • The Pension Geeks are from Grimsby
  • People go to Grimsby to meet the Geeks and do Pension Awareness day shows
  • Over 1m people have been to the Pension Geeks website in the past year
  • Over 22m have been influenced by Pension Geekery worldwide
  • Laura Trott is not attending Pension Awareness Week in person (though asked)
  • Pension Awareness Week is 11th -15th September
  • No Big Zuu this year
  • Pension Awareness Day is Friday 15th September – a bad day of the week as no one works Fridays any more

OMG – there is so much I am not aware of with pensions and if you aren’t part of Pension Awareness week then you should at least promote it.

You can find out all about it and book into a load of videos and webcasts at

You can get a lot of useful stuff to share with your colleagues and clients at

You can download posters and other stuff at

And you can cut and paste this simple advert to your intranet or mail it around

Take charge of your pension


It’s that time of year again, yes, Pension Awareness is back. Bigger than ever. Better

than before. And it’s been a decade of difference. 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of

Pension Awareness, and this year’s iteration runs from the 11th-15th September.


What if I said you could get to know your pension better than ever and prepare for the

future you want? All in the simplest way, too.


The brainchild of Pension Geeks (champions of all that is retirement), Pension

Awareness sets up a week of online live shows that break down the most jargon-juiced

topics and confusing questions into bite-sized chunks. You’ll be eating pensions for

breakfast come September.


Alongside the live shows are a host of articles, videos, and resources. You’ll have an

arsenal of knowledge covering the State Pension, contributions, combining multiple

pension pots, and how to eventually take your hard-earned money. And that’s just the

tip of the iceberg.


Because it doesn’t stop with pensions. Oh no. Pension Awareness has evolved into an

all-encompassing ensemble event. Financial wellbeing, budgeting, mindful money, you

name it; we got it. Within reason.


Pension Awareness kicks off on Monday 11th September, and you can bet it’s gonna

be a good one. It’s free to attend and absolutely everyone is welcome!


To find out more, jump onto our website. Here, you’ll easily be able to register for as

many live online shows as you like from the end of July. Plus, you can surf across a trove of

articles and videos or catch up on last year’s event via on-demand streaming.

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