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LDI – “Blood on the Tracks”

Well, I wanna be your lover, babyI don’t wanna be your bossDon’t say I never warned youWhen your train gets lost Bob Dylan “It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry” This article is about the … Continue reading

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Pension Awareness Day and the Cost of Living Crisis

But Google “Pension Awareness Day” and this is what you get… The UK is facing a challenge we are not saving enough for the future. We all want to retire someday and you can’t keep relying on that lottery win … Continue reading

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Stretched and leaderless – “pensions” lurch into another crisis

This sums up how I feel as we approach the end of the week…. pic.twitter.com/6mTf90oxty — Angela Brooks (@ANGIEBROOKS11) August 11, 2022 Do you remember back to January/ February 202? We’d all had another great year in 2019 and we … Continue reading

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No news – but is it good news?

It is December 28th which sounds like a no news day. The BBC website’s top story is that hospitals are under increasing strain from Covid-19 On Sunday, some 30,501 infections and 316 deaths were recorded in the UK. But the … Continue reading

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Can we really afford to retire?

That’s the question Michael Buerk has been asking those tuning into the second episode of Channel 5’s documentary on our retirement planning. 1.5m of us are working beyond the retirement age with 90% reliant on state benefits alone. One in … Continue reading

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“Britain’s great pension crisis” – beware or despair?

Going out after the watershed, Channel 5’s two part exploration of how fit we are to retire, sits awkwardly between the Yorkshire Vet and Chris Tarrant’s Extreme Railways, not the kind of TV you’d watch unless you’re into Michael Buerk … Continue reading

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Averting a pensions crisis?

I’m on a panel of speakers at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland tonight. The title of our session is “averting a pensions crisis” and were it not the title of the worst album of the seventies, I’d be … Continue reading

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Are pensions in crisis?

There has been talk of late of pensions in crisis. Infact the opposite may be true. Pensions may finally be getting back on their feet. News that the retired tycoon – Philip Green has made a voluntary contribution of £363m … Continue reading

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Property (and who owns it)

Something out of nothing Two distantly related matter are troubling me this morning. The first is the ownership of intellectual property and the second the ownership of a shower cubicle. Let me talk about the shower cubicle first. I was … Continue reading

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All that I admire

The main point of volunteering for Crisis at Christmas is to ease the pain of being homeless at this time of the year. But it also gives 11,000 people the chance to get to know each other without any of … Continue reading

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