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Cummings – no smoking gun – no prosecution- no further investigation.

The BBC are reporting that the police will take no retrospective action against Dominic Cummings. The worst they could find against him was not actionable ,“[We] have examined the circumstances surrounding the journey to Barnard Castle … and have concluded … Continue reading

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Property (and who owns it)

Something out of nothing Two distantly related matter are troubling me this morning. The first is the ownership of intellectual property and the second the ownership of a shower cubicle. Let me talk about the shower cubicle first. I was … Continue reading

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It’s a “no” to that Royal Charter from the Plowman

In case you are wondering, the views of the pension plowman are not necessarily those of First Actuarial and quite often aren’t. Continue reading

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Can pension saving really grow the economy?

Putting a stealth tax on an employer’s wage bill of 3% and frog-boiling millions to reduce their take home by up to 4% doesn’t fit comfortably with a growth strategy for the economy. Less money to spend. Many regard UK pension policy … Continue reading

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Rising to Beecroft’s challenge- can we make pensions work for micro-employers?

Scanning the Pension Press as one does when having breakfast these days, I came across an excellent piece of reporting on Pension Insight (fast becoming one of  the best on-line pension publications). New laws are to be introduced which will … Continue reading

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