It’s a “no” to that Royal Charter from the Plowman

spectatorA Downing Street source has cleared up any confusion about whether the Vision of the Pension Plowman will fall under the Charter:

“No newspaper or blogger would be forced to join the regulator, the Royal Charter system is a system of incentivisation. However, those ‘relevant publishers’ that choose not to join the regulator would be subject to costs and could be subject to exemplary damages if taken to court.

‘Relevant publishers’ are specifically defined and could include blog sites that are written by multiple authors, have editorial control and are published in the course of business.”

Standard definition of “in the course of business”

Daily or  regular routine  peculiar to a firm or trade,  involving purchase, production,  and sale of usual goods and/or services,  and payment and receipt of money.

In case you are wondering, the views of the pension plowman are not necessarily those of First Actuarial and quite often aren’t.

The blog is attended to most days but the Plowman has never taken a brass farthing by way of advertising, sold goods from the site or purchased and produced anything with regards this blog.

As Harry Cole (Guido) told radio 4

“I don’t see I should join a regulator. This country has had a free press for the last 300 years, that has been irreverent and rude as my website is and holding public officials to account. We as a matter of principle will be opposing any regulator especially one set up and accountable to politicians we write about every day,”


Obviously it’s a no from the Pension Plowman, and I would fight in court the definition of a relevant publisher if applied to me.







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