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Small firms spend four business days a month battling red tape

If you want to understand auto-enrolment, you’ve got to understand what it’s like to run a small  business. We do! If we had four days spare- we’d spend them on red tape! Instead we do our bureaucracy in the early morning and … Continue reading

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A chance to keep companies with DB pensions solvent

Income and Corporation taxes tend to dominate the mindsets of the rich, they are  meaningless to those who don’t pay them. Unsurprisingly, it is the headline aspects of the Chancellor’s autumn statement that have captured the headlines. This small clause was initially … Continue reading

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Why First Actuarial focuses on Payroll

According to a survey published this week by the CIPP , payroll will take charge of implementing auto-enrolment at 40%, HR at 29% and pension providers/departments at 13% of employers. Yet most pension advisers are still reluctant to talk with payroll professionals about the staging … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment – working out who does what.

The hard part in establishing a process to stage auto enrolment and manage it each payroll period is not working out what needs to be done. Process maps exist that will help you understand the scope and complexity of the task. It’s the … Continue reading

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Payroll strikes back!

While the DWP consultations on auto-enrolment was going on , I had a nagging feeling in my stomach, like you do when you vaguely remember there’s something you’ve promised but haven’t delivered – but you can’t remember what it was. At … Continue reading

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Treasury 1 DWP 0 (Steve Webb o.g. 89 minutes)

I wouldn’t like to be Steve Webb this afternoon. Having protested for the past few weeks that the DWP‘s auto-enrolment timeline was carved in stone, we learn today that employers with 3000 or less employees  (for details follow this link!) will have another year or so to … Continue reading

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Rising to Beecroft’s challenge- can we make pensions work for micro-employers?

Scanning the Pension Press as one does when having breakfast these days, I came across an excellent piece of reporting on Pension Insight (fast becoming one of  the best on-line pension publications). New laws are to be introduced which will … Continue reading

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Pension choices for smaller companies

Smaller companies– those with less than 50 employees are the beating heart of Britain’s economy. It is from among their number that the next Virgin or Tesco will come and though many of them will be toast in ten years … Continue reading

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