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Green pensions? How the DWP are looking to take the luck out of the pot.

Gina Miller is right on this Encouraging people to go green with their #pensions is an excellent aspiration but be very cautious @GuyOpperman Until @TheFCA protects consumers by granting 100% transparency of holdings, acts to stop #greenwashing – this could … Continue reading

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The death bell tolls for commission –

Another step on the hard road to pensions decency Continue reading

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“Fair and True” applies to the DWP too!

Steve Webb has a public policy success on his hands but if he’s to capitalise on the good news from large employers, he’s going to take a few bullets now. Continue reading

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Pot noodles member

Think technology Steve, small pots will become a lot smaller through aggregation and operation big fat pot may end up being renamed “Webb’s folly”.
Continue reading

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A chance to keep companies with DB pensions solvent

Income and Corporation taxes tend to dominate the mindsets of the rich, they are  meaningless to those who don’t pay them. Unsurprisingly, it is the headline aspects of the Chancellor’s autumn statement that have captured the headlines. This small clause was initially … Continue reading

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Why we shouldn’t give up on pensions.

Many people now see their company pension as a cause of concern not of comfort. Take this person who wrote to us last week… Prior to the meeting, I was a little apprehensive ,as I had an assorted portfolio of … Continue reading

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Steve Webb needs hard cash for his defined ambitions.

Steve Webb needs more than “ambition” to sort out disillusion with pensions. Continue reading

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Steve Webb’s good week

Now anyone who can talk of a “regulatory regime which allows 1000 flowers to bloom” has got to have been taking the happy pills. Continue reading

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Bill Whitehead’s drawers

I wrote last week about why we need a national register of people’s pension pots (not a clearing house or a system of enforced transfers). Re-reading the post, I can see many people will be asking “what is the issue at … Continue reading

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Pension Equality? Don’t make me laugh.

Great news, – a group of civil servants (the National Audit Office) have decided to audit the work of another group of civil servants (the Pension Regulator) reporting to another group of civil servants (the DWP). The point of the audit is … Continue reading

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