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Polls lie – votes don’t – why did we vote this way?

The people of England voted against the Conservatives on Thursday – they were unified in that. Those people were not so clear about the alternative, Labour picked up over 500 seats lost, the Liberals over 400 and the Greens close … Continue reading

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What will popular reaction be to Nest going green?

In a recent poll by YouGov carried out a  survey of 1,183 pension savers conducted by last July. It found that almost two-thirds of respondents thought their retirement scheme should invest in a way that reduced the damaging impact of … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson’s 10 point plan for a green industrial revolution

This article first appeared in the Financial Times -17/11/20. To access the links you need to be an FT subscriber. Slowly but surely humanity is taking the upper hand in the fight against the virus. We have not won yet. … Continue reading

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Green pensions? How the DWP are looking to take the luck out of the pot.

Gina Miller is right on this Encouraging people to go green with their #pensions is an excellent aspiration but be very cautious @GuyOpperman Until @TheFCA protects consumers by granting 100% transparency of holdings, acts to stop #greenwashing – this could … Continue reading

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AgeWage – the value of consumer values

This article is  by Oliver Tapper, who is currently working with me, taking a year out of University. It represents our thinking on how ESG should be integrated into our business and gives some thought to how our business can … Continue reading

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How green is my pension?

Aberdeen Standard and FT sold out their conference on the DC investment default this week and kicked off the morning with a discussion on ESG and the greening of our pension pots. As I listened, NOW Pensions sent me a press … Continue reading

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@ShareActionUK – so much with so little!

    t At the beginning of last week I went to the Institute of Directors to see various “think-tanks” congratulate each other on their thinking- typically carried out in plush Mayfair offices at the expense of a Foundation set … Continue reading

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Is the Green tide stronger than one man?

  In the past few days the Paris Treaty has been ratified. One man, Donald Trump, has threatened to put the short term interests of his country above the longer term interests of the globe. Neither we nor his citizens … Continue reading

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Philip Green – Maxwell II

In a remarkable article in the FT, Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Holden, David Davis brands Phil Green’s behaviour at BHS as … the dark side of capitalism: increased borrowing and payment of ever bigger dividends; risk transferred from the private … Continue reading

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