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Truss closes on Mordaunt, Sunak staying on in third.

With the Tory leadership campaign continuing to look a three horse race, the gap between the fillies is narrowing while the colt continues to stay on at one pace and is now a clear third in the betting. On the … Continue reading

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We get what we vote for – 15 years of Tory rule.

A defining moment for the Conservative party. We have voted in a Conservative Government and by the end of 2024 we will have pretty well fifteen years with a Conservative Prime Minister. The Labour party has made just one gain … Continue reading

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Let these politicians do some work!

We have had so many referendums and elections and leadership battles and cabinet reshuffles over the past two years, that politicians may have forgotten they are here to govern the country. We elect 650 people every five years to do … Continue reading

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The problems of old age didn’t “go away in May”.

Back in May, the Conservatives said they were going to do something about the problems Britain has with an ageing population and insufficient preparation for their extreme old age. Instead of introducing radical reform, as their manifesto promised, they backed … Continue reading

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So Labour’s given us a choice-what’s wrong with that?

“gone are the days when your party can be any colour you like so long as it’s blue” I am not going to the Labour party conference but I am going to the Conservative conference in Birmingham next week. I … Continue reading

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For Ros Altmann, the best is yet to come.

Ros Altmann is our new pension minister, this is unequivocally good news. For years people have been poking fun at Ros Altmann for her claims to be a Government Advisor. Between 2001 and 2005 she was an advisor to no … Continue reading

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Are the conservatives the party for pensioners?

  The Conservatives are due to talk this morning about how they can justify their claim that they are the party for pensioners. Look forward to promises to; Maintain the triple lock Increase the pensioners tax-free allowance from £6000 to … Continue reading

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How pensions restrain public sector pay and services.

The latest discussions about how we will manage the nation’s finances are focussing on public sector pay.Nick Clegg tells us that his party will make sure   wages would rise in real terms for two years from 2016, and then … Continue reading

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Scrap the LifeTime Allowance – for hard working people!

The Conservatives say they want to reward hard working people. I’d like to thing they include me in that number. They want to appoint Ros Altmann to help us educate ourselves in finances, I’d like to think I’ve been educating … Continue reading

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One week on- how was “freedom” for you?

More questions than answers The Pension PlayPen met as usual in the Counting House to discuss our experiences of Pension Freedom to date. The consensus – more questions than answers. Call volumes to the insurers have over-shadowed what the Government … Continue reading

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