So Labour’s given us a choice-what’s wrong with that?

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“gone are the days when your party can be any colour you like so long as it’s blue”

I am not going to the Labour party conference but I am going to the Conservative conference in Birmingham next week. I am not a conservative supporter but I am glad they are providing a functioning Government as we prepare for BREXIT.

I look forward to an alternative to Conservatism that gives the country a proper choice. In recent elections we have seen all three parties fighting for the same voters with similar policies and philosophies. I cannot forget how the Liberals flip-flopped between an alliance with conservatives and labour in May 2010. The coalition with the conservatives could as easily be a coalition with labour , for the philosophy of the ensuing Government.

The same could not be said for the parties led by Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May. In terms of policy and philosophy, the Labour and Conservative Governments are again polarised and people are likely to have a real choice in the next election.

We now have a genuinely populist Labour party

I hope that Corbyn gets the support of his party. It is time that the parliamentary Labour party listened to the 500,000 people who are Labour members. If they do not want to listen to the results of their party’s vote , they should leave the party. They should join a third force in British politics and re-establish the Liberal Party to reflect their views.

I am not going to pledge my allegiance to any party other than the current party of Government which needs a good kick up the bum (which is why I’m going to the Conservative Conference). The last time I spoke my mind at at a Conservative Conference (last year) I found that many in the audience shared my views. Surely this is a way to influence things if you’re not a full-time politician.

The other way is to vote and to vote with conviction. I had difficulty voting with conviction for a Cameron led Conservative Party or a Milliband  led Labour Party – there was no choice so I voted for Tim Fallon and the Liberals as at least I knew what I was getting.

We now have a socialist party as a voting choice.

It seems that we now know what the Labour Party is about – Corbyn and O’Donnell are clear about that. Theresa May (so far) appears to be holding true to her promises in her first Downing Street Address. The Liberals are a party waiting to happen.

I suspect that I, like many others, am enjoying the new politics. I am enjoying the cut and thrust of debate based on policy and philosophy and not on cheap personality smears.

Labour may not be electable today, but populist policies have seen right-wingers like Farage and Trump achieve rather more than anyone thought.

I don’t see any reason why Corbyn cannot lead the Labour Party at the next election nor why Labour could not present a credible potential Government to the country in 2020.

There is a bias towards the status quo in politics; this makes the thought of a socialist Government unthinkable. But socialism is not dead either in the UK or in Europe and I very much welcome having a socialist party in Britain again.

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  1. Peter D Beattie says:

    Labour is still in disarray but what could rally them is the PM shooting her party ‘in the foot again’ with her own agenda on education! Its all about timing and this is not the time to ‘dust of old values’!

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